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Services offered with Exclusive Listings

3D Virtual Walkthroughs (NEW!)

At RE/MAX Central, we are consistently looking for methods to improve our services. We have recently acquired a new form of technology that we believe can truly change the way Real Estate is sold in Malta. Our team will be able to create a full scale 3D walkthrough of your property, complete with floor plan and doll house. This will then be available online, embedded into our websites and shared by numerous people. 

Price: Included in the 5% + VAT Service Fees.

Professional Home Staging or 3D Imagery

Our Interior design team, Concepts Carabez are Malta’s leading property staging team. They focus on clearing the clutter and preparing your property for a professional photo shoot. If your property is currently on plan, in a derelict state or in shell form, 3D imagery may be created to bridge the gap and show people what your property will look like.

Price: Included in the 5% + VAT Service fees. 

Dedicated Website for your property

In this day and age, no matter where you look, there is always some form of competition. To get ahead from your competition, it’s important that you silence them and what better way than to have your very own, dedicated website. This website will feature your property alone, bringing out all it’s selling points, information, community information, photos, plans and much more.

Price: Included in the 5% + VAT Service fees. 

Dominate Social Media

90% of Malta’s population have a Facebook Account. Facebook has become a necessity when it comes to selling your home as the exposure is unmatchable. At RE/MAX Central, we have built a network that enjoys over 150,000 people, interested in purchasing or selling their home in Malta and your property can be marketed to them also!

Price: Included in the 5% + VAT Service fees. 

Take to the Sky

Do you have a big property or a gorgeous external area? We can provide birds eye view photos and videos to really impress prospective buyers with our Drone.

Price: Included in the 5% + VAT Service fees. 

Print Media

One of the best ways to get your property sold is to remain top of mind for any potential buyers. By creating and printing brochures of your property, prospective buyers may leave your property with something tangible, something they can look back to if they are struggling to make a decision. Brochures have become a proven method to do just that and can also be left at nearby commercial outlets to entice their passing trade.

Price: Included in the 5% + VAT Service fees. 

One to One Customer Service

In this day and age, it has become very difficult to keep up with everything, especially selling your home. Add another 50 - 60 agents that may work on your property to the mix and you end up with no time for yourself anymore. With the RE/MAX Exclusive package, your exclusive listing agent becomes your personal agent. Their role will involve keeping you updated as often as possible, retrieving feedback and acting as your gateway to the Real Estate networks. 

Price: Included in the 5% + VAT Service Fees.

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