7 good reasons to live in a penthouse

  1. Bright and airy - Being at the very top of the building means that the penthouse is the brightest property in the block. Natural light floods these homes and allow their inhabitants and their guests a feeling of well-being.

  2. Outside space - As penthouses must be receded each of these homes include front and rear terraces which are perfect for al fresco entertainment and relaxation. Some of these great homes are blessed with a splash pool or jacuzzi.

  3. Views - Given that they are frequently the highest homes in the vicinity, these properties, more often than not benefit from some sort of open vista even when they are located in the town center.

  4. Privacy - Because they are receded, these homes generally cannot even be seen from the street. They are unlikely to be overlooked by any other property and so offer more privacy than most other homes.

  5. Quieter - Given that they are located on the topmost floors and furthermore receded these homes are unusually quieter even when located in busy areas.

  6. Future investment - On this island it is often said that the only way is up. Every penthouse should always include it’s airspace and therefore, structure permitting, in the future it is quite possible that one would be able to apply for permits and construct another floor.

  7. Increase in value - Prices fluctuate due to supply and demand, obviously, there will always be fewer penthouses available for sale than apartments and therefore the increase in value of penthouses is always greater than apartments.