Permit classes

This is a list of all the classes accompanied by an explanation . Exceptions and specific amendments are listed here under, in the penultimate part.

Category A: Residential

Class 1- Dwellings

This is related to private residential property intended for the use of individuals who will be living within the property. This class is therefore non commercial.

Category B: Social

Class 2A- Residential Institutions

This is in relation to organised entities which provide a residential service, such as retirement homes, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Class 2B – Non Residential Institutions

These include any institution which does not provide residency, such as clinics, child care centres, museums, libraries and more.

Class 2C – Education

This includes schools and educational institutions.

Category C: Tourism and Leisure

Class 3A- Guest houses, Palazzini, Boutique Tourism accommodation, and Hostels

This class includes any small scale commercial establishment catering for the accommodation of guests.

Class 3B- Hotels

Class 3C- Assembly and Leisure

This includes any commercial entity which brings together a group of people, such as cinemas, bingo halls, gyms, outdoor sports areas, concert halls etc.

Class 3D- Marine Leisure

This class is used for motoring boats, marinas, sailing schools, and any other marine based sports or recreation.

Category D- Commercial

Class 4A- Financial, Professional and Other Offices

This class is related to commercial properties which include offices.

Class 4B- Retail

This class is related to any commercial entity related to retail and retail outlets.

 Class 4C- Food and Drink establishment where no cooking is allowed

It is important to note that with this class the commercial entity is not allowed to cook, for that a different class must be applied for.

Class 4D- Food and Drink establishment where cooking is allowed

This class includes catering establishments which are able to cook food within the premises.

Category E: Industry

Class 5A- Light Industry

This class includes manufacturing industries related to consumer electronics, clothing, and other light manufacturing processes.

Class 5B- General Industry

This class relates to Industry of a general nature which does not fall under light industry or specialised industry.

Class 5C- Specialised Industry

This is industry related to a specific area and which involved a specialised level of skill and equipment.

 Category F: Storage and Boatyards

Class 6A- Storage and Distribution

This class refers to the storage of boats along with the sale and distribution of boats.

Class 6B-Boatyards

This is in relation to areas of land where boats are stored or built.

Category G: Aquaculture

Class 7- Aquaculture

This is in relation to entities working within the sector related to fish farming and research.

Category H: Agriculture

Class 8- Agriculture

This is in relation to the growth of agricultural produce and rearing of livestock.

While the class uses are fairly straightforward there are some aspects related to the transfer of one use class to another which must be noted.

The general rule is that within the same category changing from one class to another requires a development permit. This means that if you wish to change your school (2C) into a nursing home (2A) you will need to apply for a development permit.