What is a Sky Villa, and why is it the right choice for you?

Think of a Bungalow and then take it up a number of storeys. The result is a Sky Villa - a relatively new and very exciting type of home. You get the comforts associated with living in a Bungalow, for instance - no internal stairs and privacy and you also get the benefits of security, quiet and views that a Penthouse normally offers.

As the name suggests, a Sky Villa is beyond your run of the mill Penthouse. They are larger internally, often offering luxury features such as walk-in closets, larger bedrooms and living areas. The outdoor space of these properties also means that you benefit from features such as plunge pools, barbecue areas and so much more.

These properties make fabulous homes for people who are perhaps looking to move out of their villa / bungalow but do not want to compromise space and privacy.

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Being set on the uppermost floors of a building, they offer the peace and quiet that many people covet. The outdoor areas are generally large enough to accommodate a number of different ‘areas’ without the burdens attached to maintaining a large garden.

If you like the idea of living in a Villa in the Sky - then we invite you to take a look at a selection of handpicked properties by clicking on the link below. Should you be interested in viewing any of these incredible properties, then please feel free to get in touch with James on 7999 7444 or Fiona on 7999 7222.

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