You leave your shoes OUTSIDE your apartment ? Why this is a really bad idea !

I have noticed what seems to be a growing trend with people living in apartments leaving a pile of shoes on the floor, outside their actual apartment, i.e. in the COMMON area. The common area is so called because it belongs to all the owners of the apartment block, it is not an extension of your property. It is a shared space.

Whilst I can appreciate that you are not keen on bringing in outside dirt into your home, I believe that there are many far more attractive and logical ways to store your shoes. Shoe storage cabinets are purposely made to take up as little space as possible and there are many different designs which will certainly blend in with the décor of your home.

A messy (sometimes smelly) jumble of shoes outside your front door is really not attractive and in fact reduces the value of all the apartments in the block. If you are thinking of selling your property, or perhaps your neighbour is!!! - you are sending all the wrong signals from the very first moment that a potential buyer sets eyes on the property.

Even if your property is not on the market, it is still an unsightly habit and brings down the general appearance of the entire block of apartments.

Personally speaking, I simply cannot imagine hopping around outside my apartment trying to fish my shoes out of a pile of random shoes. Maybe this is because I am a great shoe lover and do my utmost to look after my beloved collection. I cannot bear the thought of them being strewn around, getting scuffed by other shoes.

Maybe I am a little OCD but to me having the cleanest, nicest home extends to the entrance. Many people will never set foot in my home and only get to see the doorway.

I believe it is a common courtesy to keep my shoes (and other miscellaneous belongings) in the confines of my apartment. I have been in apartment blocks where the landings are on the tighter side and one literally has to jump over a pile of shoes. My heart goes out for the people who have to clean the common areas of apartment blocks where people keep their shoes in the landing. Imagine having to move ALL the shoes to clean the landing - not fun for sure.

So, maybe I have stirred something with this post. Maybe as you are reading this you will think of new and creative ways to store your shoes. Or maybe, you will go make yourself a coffee and wonder what all the fuss is about.